Michigan Football captain Mazi Smith may have just revealed starting QB

Nation, who do you think should be the starting QB for the Michigan football team? Who do you think will be?

Who will be the starting quarterback when the Michigan football team takes the field for the first time this season, Cade McNamara or J.J. McCarthy? That is a question we have all been awaiting an answer and Wolverines captain Mazi Smith may have just given us that answer.

On Thursday, Michigan announced the five players who were voted by their teammates as captains for the upcoming season and McNamara was one of the five players to get the honor.

After learning he had been selected as a team captain, McNamara told reporters that he feels like he is the best he has ever been as a football player.

“I feel like the level I’m playing at is very high right now in terms of where I’ve been in my career,” McNamara said. “I have for sure gotten much better than I was this time last year or even at the end of the season last year. And I’ve recognized that and obviously, my teammates have as well.”

Michigan football captain Mazi Smith may have just revealed starting quarterback

When asked about Cade McNamara being named as a team captain for the Michigan Football team, Mazi Smith first explained what you want from a quarterback.

“Quarterback makes a lot of big decisions that impact the game and you always want the guy who’s making those decisions to be respected by the guys he’s making the decisions for,” fellow team captain, defensive tackle Mazi Smith said. “You always want to look into a quarterback and see somebody who embodies the team and can bring the team together when he needs to. And keep the team going.”


While expanding on that thought, Smith may have revealed that McNamara is currently the starting quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines.

“Just by coming up and being the same guy every day, competing and always trying to get that edge,” Smith said. “Cade is one of the hardest working guys I’ve seen and one of the biggest competitors and he’s been that way since he got here. Lately — now that he’s the starter, the eyes are on him, people just see it now. But he’s always been the way he is. You appreciate having a guy like that, that wants to win all the time.”

That is certainly an interesting comment from Mazi Smith and though I agree that it will be McNamara that opens up as Michigan's starting quarterback in Week 1 against Colorado State, we really won't know until Jim Harbaugh announces the decision himself.

My prediction stands that Harbaugh won't formally announce his starter until the players take the field for the first time.

Nation, who do you think should be the starting QB for the Michigan football team? Who do you think will be?