Michigan Football has ‘rich people problems’

Expect some great things from the Michigan Football team in 2023.

Sherrone Moore, Michigan Football's offensive line coach/offensive coordinator, is constantly consumed with thoughts of developing new plays and refining existing ones within the Wolverines' playbook. In the past two seasons, he served as the co-offensive coordinator, gradually assuming a more significant role in play-calling. However, this year, he has taken the reins as the sole offensive coordinator. With this newfound responsibility, Moore has the opportunity to shape and direct the Michigan offense for the upcoming season.

Michigan Football Spring Game

Key Points

  • Moore assumes the role of sole offensive coordinator for Michigan Football
  • Moore is constantly thinking about developing new plays and refining existing ones.
  • He is excited about the talent on the team, including quarterback J.J. McCarthy and running back Blake Corum.
  • Moore refers to the challenge of managing a talented offense as “rich-people problems.”
  • He will balance multiple responsibilities, including coaching the offensive line, shaping game plans, and calling plays on game day.

Michigan Football has ‘rich people problems'

Moore's dedication to his new role is evident as he pours hours of thought and effort into the offensive strategies. During an interview at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp at Wayne State, Moore expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season and the product they aim to showcase on the field. The offensive coordinator is thrilled about the talented players at his disposal, including quarterback J.J. McCarthy, running back Blake Corum returning from injury, versatile back Donovan Edwards, a group of skilled receivers and tight ends, and a deep offensive line reminiscent of the dominant Michigan lines of the 1990s.

“I can’t tell you everything,” Moore said, laughing during a recent interview at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp at Wayne State, “but it’s constant thinking about what we’re gonna do. It’s an obsession right now a little bit. It’s a fun obsession. We’re excited about the product we’re gonna put on the field.”

“It’s rich-people problems, as we say,” Moore said, smiling.

Bottom Line – Michigan Football: Embracing the Challenge

In the realm of college football, the role of an offensive coordinator comes with tremendous pressure and expectations. However, Sherrone Moore's calm and confident approach to his new responsibilities reflects a readiness to embrace the challenge. Moore acknowledges the support system around him and the preparations he has made for this moment. As the Wolverines gear up for the upcoming season, Moore's ability to balance his various roles while effectively utilizing Michigan's offensive talent will play a crucial role in the team's success. With his passion and dedication, Moore is poised to lead the Michigan offense to new heights.