Michigan football hires Bo Schembechler’s son

According to reports, Michigan Football has hired Glenn ‘Shemy' Schembechler, the son of legendary coach Bo Schembechler as Assistant Director of Football Recruiting. While the university is yet to confirm the hire officially, Shemy himself announced it on Twitter, expressing his honor in returning home to Ann Arbor. Shemy brings extensive scouting experience from his over 20-year career in the NFL.

Michigan Football Damani Dent Bo Schembechler

Key Points:

  • Michigan has hired Glenn ‘Shemy' Schembechler.
  • Shemy announced the news himself on Twitter, expressing his honor in returning home.
  • His role on the team is the Assistant Director of Football Recruiting.
  • The University of Michigan has yet to officially confirm the hire, but it is widely regarded as a done deal.
  • Shemy Schembechler brings over 20 years of NFL scouting experience to the program.

Michigan Football: Continuing a Legendary Legacy

‘Shemy' Schembechler's hiring by Michigan holds significant importance due to his family's deep connection to the program. As the son of the late Bo Schembechler, who served as Michigan's head coach for almost two decades, Shemy brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a legendary legacy. His return to Ann Arbor not only strengthens the program's ties to its storied history but also underscores the commitment to maintaining a winning tradition. By tapping into his extensive NFL scouting experience, Michigan football aims to enhance its recruiting efforts and secure top talent for the future. Shemy's presence on the coaching staff will undoubtedly contribute to the program's ongoing success.

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