Michigan football in contact with former Ohio State Top-100 commitment

Michigan Football Eyes Former Ohio State Commit Blake Woodby

In a notable development within college football recruiting, Michigan Football has shown active interest in Blake Woodby, a top-100 cornerback from the class of 2025, following his recent decommitment from Ohio State. Woodby, who ranks 67th overall according to the 247 Sports composite rankings, had previously committed to the Buckeyes but opted to reopen his recruitment amid concerns about the crowded cornerback lineup.

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Michigan Football Makes Their Move

Reports confirm that the Michigan coaching staff, including secondary coach Lamar Morgan, has been in regular communication with Woodby. The initiative to add Woodby to their roster exemplifies Michigan’s strategic approach to strengthening their team with top-tier defensive talents. “Michigan in contact following his decommitment from Ohio State,” tweeted EJ Holland, shedding light on the ongoing recruitment process.

Blake Woodby, standing at 5-foot-10 and weighing 175 pounds, played for St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, a school known for its prolific football program. His recruitment is now “essentially wide open,” as stated by sources, with teams like Auburn and Florida also extending offers. Woodby’s only visit this spring was to Auburn, heightening the anticipation around his next move.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Decommitment and Reengagement: Blake Woodby, a top-ranked cornerback from St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, recently reopened his recruitment after decommitting from Ohio State due to concerns about the depth at his position. His reentry into the recruiting pool has attracted significant attention from major college football programs.
  2. Michigan’s Proactive Recruitment: Following Woodby’s decommitment, the University of Michigan, under the guidance of secondary coach Lamar Morgan, has actively pursued him. Michigan had previously shown interest in Woodby before his initial commitment to Ohio State, indicating their consistent valuation of his abilities as a defensive asset.
  3. Recruitment Competition and Strategy: Woodby’s recruitment is now considered “essentially wide open,” with other prominent schools like Auburn and Florida also extending offers. His recent visit to Auburn adds a layer of competition for Michigan, emphasizing the importance of securing a visit to strengthen their recruitment pitch and bolster their defensive lineup against Big Ten rivals.
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Bottom Line

For Michigan, securing a visit from Woodby could be a pivotal next step in their recruitment strategy. The Wolverines had previously extended an offer to Woodby before his commitment to Ohio State, highlighting their long-standing interest in the cornerback.

The pursuit of Blake Woodby is part of Michigan’s broader effort to leverage top talents against key rivals, especially as they continue to build a formidable team for upcoming seasons.

Written by W.G. Brady

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