Michigan Football Unveils MASSIVE Scoreboard

Michigan Football has unveiled their new scoreboard and it is safe to say they are the Leaders and Best when it comes to their scoreboard/sound system setup!

At the heart of Michigan Football's beloved stadium, an awe-inspiring transformation has taken place. A gargantuan scoreboard now stands in its place, dwarfing its predecessor both in size and capabilities. Straddling both the north and south ends of Michigan Stadium, the new scoreboard measures an impressive 179 feet wide and 62 feet tall. It is a colossal structure, 85% larger than the previous boards.

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Michigan Football Unveils MASSIVE Scoreboard

The athletic officials at the University of Michigan point out that each board would individually rank as the nation's third-largest. And unlike other stadiums, Michigan has two such scoreboards. Beyond their size, the scoreboards, part of a $41-million project, represent a significant upgrade in technology and viewer experience. The project included improvements to the production room and audio system, totaling $8 million and $5 million, respectively.

“There's multiple factors, both in the video display that you see but also in addition to all of this, we did a total refurb of our Crisler production studios,” Michigan assistant athletic director Kurt Svoboda said via the Detroit Free Press. “All of the equipment that goes into there, all of the cameras, and so when you have parts that naturally break over the course of a decade, we found that they became increasingly difficult if not impossible to replace, to repair, to source.

“So at a certain time, you're talking about this was an actual need of the stadium, This wasn't ‘how do we spend more money, how do we go bigger, bigger, bigger,' it wasn't that at all.”

Below is a video from Tony Garcia of The Detroit Free Press that shows the new Michigan football video scoreboards in action. Please click here to read Garcia's in-depth article about the MASSIVE scoreboards at the Big House.

Key Points

  • The new scoreboard is 85% larger than its predecessor, standing at 179 feet wide and 62 feet tall.
  • Each of these scoreboards would rank as the nation's third-largest.
  • The $41-million project also included significant upgrades to the production room and audio system.
  • The high-definition boards will display in-depth stats and live scores from other games.
  • The project was driven by necessity, not just the desire to ‘go bigger'.

Bottom Line – A Scoreboard Worth the Score

The introduction of the new scoreboards at Michigan Stadium signifies much more than a physical transformation. It represents a commitment to enhancing the fan experience and setting new standards in-stadium technology. It's a giant leap forward, balancing both the necessity of upgrading and the ambition of enhancing, leading to a result that truly embodies the spirit of Michigan: bold, innovative, and always striving for excellence. It wasn't just about ‘going bigger'; it was about ‘going better'. And if early impressions are anything to go by, it's safe to say – Michigan football certainly ‘scored' with this one!


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