Michigan in, MSU out of ESPN’s early New Year’s Six predictions

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It’s never too early to start making predictions for the 2015 college football season, and that is exactly what Brad Edwards of ESPN has done. Edwards decided that it would be fun to predict who would be playing in the New Year’s Six, and a couple of the picks may be shocking to you. If you are a University of Michigan fan, you will feel optimistic, and if you are a Michigan State fan you will feel like never reading anything from Brad Edwards again. His criteria for his picks comes from the following factors: quarterback play, recruiting, returning starters, and schedule.

Edwards goes out on a limb and projects that Michigan will play in the Rose Bowl against Oregon. This may be a far-fetch, but it sure sounds good to Michigan fans. Here is an excerpt about why he picked Michigan to play in a New Year’s Six game:

“I’m going out on a major limb by picking Michigan to have first-year magic under Jim Harbaugh (remember, Brady Hoke reached the Sugar in his first year). What I like is that Michigan has recruited well in recent years and has the most returning starters in the conference. Harbaugh must find a productive quarterback, but having all starters back on the offensive line helps, as does a schedule that sends Michigan State and Ohio State to Ann Arbor. The season opener at Utah is a huge game for this prediction.” said Edwards.

Edwards also picked Ohio State to play in one of the national semi-final games, which of course means that Michigan State was not chosen at all. Maybe ESPN is just biased against the Spartans; after all, one of their writers wrote yesterday that MSU is on the decline.

Yesterday, ESPN writer Travis Haney said that Michigan State was trending down, mostly because of what other teams in the Big 10 are doing to improve.

“The Buckeyes obviously have snapped out of their spell, and Michigan — with Jim Harbaugh now on the prowl as coach — is likely not all that far behind. Coach James Franklin’s aggressiveness also makes Penn State noteworthy in college football’s most improved division.” said Haney.

I have to admit, I’m a Michigan fan, but it sounds to me like Edwards is just going out on a limb to make a splash, either that or he is losing his mind. Though I would be extremely happy if Michigan beat MSU, I would also be shocked. Good thing for MSU fans that they play the games and do not rely on crazy predictions!