Michigan OL Ryan Hayes calls out Ohio State backup for mocking his own starters

Wow, Michigan OL Ryan Hayes just threw an Ohio State backup player right under the bus!

What a day it was if you are either part of the Michigan football program, or one of their supporters, as the Wolverines went into Columbus, stomped a mud-hole in the butt of Ohio State, and proceeded to walk it try. After trailing at halftime, the Wolverines absolutely destroyed the Buckeyes in the second half, and it was obvious, once again, that Michigan was by far the tougher, and superior team on the field. Now, Wolverines OL Ryan Hayes has called out an Ohio State backup player for mocking his own starters.

Michigan Football Ryan Hayes

What did Michigan OL Ryan Hayes say about Ohio State?

On Monday, Hayes had the following to say about an Ohio State backup defensive lineman yelling at his own team.

“They were yelling at us early, then after a while they started yelling at each other. At one point, a backup D-lineman came in and made a play on us, then he started yelling at his own starters telling them ‘That's how you do it! You guys haven't been doing anything all day!'”

“That's when I knew that they weren't a true team like we were.”

Wow, the Wolverines have destroyed the Buckeyes football program in a matter of two years. The question is, will they be able to keep them down?