Michigan Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Since Michigan’s online casinos finally launched in January 2021, bettors have been flooded with online casino options. But the bonuses can be hard to keep track of. There are different types of bonuses that bettors can cash in on when they sign up for an online casino. This guide will help bettors translate the bonus types into action. It’ll also help bettors figure out which online casinos to register for. 

Michigan Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Welcome Bonus  Details
Golden Nugget $30 No Deposit + $1000 Deposit Match Bonus 20x Playthrough Requirement

30 Days Until Bonus Expires

FanDuel 24 hours risk-free up to $200 Begins After First Bet

Credits Expire After 7 Days

WynnBET 100% deposit match up to $1250 20x Playthrough Requirement

Opt In Before First Deposit 

BetRivers 100% deposit match up to $250 First Deposit Only

1x Playthrough Requirement 

BetMGM $25 No Deposit + 100% Deposit Match up to $1,000 First Deposit Only 

15x Playthrough Requirement

William Hill 24 hours risk-free up to $100 Clock Starts After First Deposit 
DraftKings 100% deposit bonus up to $1500 plus $10 free credits First Deposit Only 

10x Playthrough Requirement 

30 Days Until Bonus Expires

TwinSpires 24 hours risk-free betting up to $500 Clock Starts Upon Creating Verified Account 
Barstool Casino 100% deposit match up to $1,500 Bonus on 3 different $500 deposits
Four Winds Casino 200% Deposit Bonus Plus Free Million Dollar Spin
Stars Casino by PokerStars $50 Deposit Bonus Bet $1, Get a $50 Bonus

Types Of Michigan Online Casino Bonuses

There are only a few types of online casino bonuses. The numbers can vary wildly, but they’re easy to understand once bettors know what the bonus terms are. Here are the two types of online casino bonuses in Michigan. 

No Deposit Bonus

This is the most exciting bonus available allowing you to register for free and get credited with real free-play bonus credits. 

Our favorite no deposit bonuses at Michigan online casinos:

Deposit Match

Deposit matches are common among online casinos. They make for eye-catching advertisements, but there’s a big catch. (Actually, there are a couple.) First, deposit bonuses come with playthrough requirements. Bettors have to make their deposits first. But to get the deposit match, bettors have to wager their own money. Deposit bonuses will pad bettor accounts over time, but they won’t get that money all at once. 

Deposit bonuses also only count bettors’ first deposits. So, if bettors want to get a lot of money out of the deposit bonus, then they must deposit big up front. They can be easy to miss, so bettors need to plan ahead if they’re going to take advantage of a deposit bonus. 

Risk-Free Betting Period 

Risk-free betting periods are a spin on the risk-free bets bettors find at sportsbooks. Instead of offering risk-free bets on one game or line, bettors will get risk-free betting for a certain amount of time at an online casino. That way, a bettor’s bonus doesn’t depend on one or two rounds at a casino game. 

When they’re preparing to use a risk-free betting period, bettors need to know when the betting period starts and when the bonus credits expire. Some risk-free betting periods begin once bettors create their accounts. But others begin after a bettor’s first deposit or first bet. Once they win the credits, bettors also need to know when the bonus credits expire. They may expire after a week or a month. That’s important for bettors to keep in mind when they’re planning how to use their bonuses. 

Best Michigan Online Casino Bonuses

Just so bettors don’t get confused about the fine details of online casino bonuses. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of Michigan’s online casino bonus terms. 

Golden Nugget Michigan

VisitGolden Nugget Online Michigan and claim $30 free play plus a $1000 deposit bonus

Golden Nugget offers $30 free! Plus a $1,000 deposit bonus, as several online casinos on this list have. It has a 20x playthrough requirement, which awards $1 for every $20 wager. Once unlocked, bettors have 30 days to until the bonus credits expire. That gives bettors a while to use them, but they must be careful not to forget about them.

FanDuel Casino

VisitFanDuel Casino Michigan to claim a $200 risk free day

FanDuel offers 24 hours of risk-free betting, up to $200. Bettors have some leeway with FanDuel. The clock starts running once bettors place their first wagers. So, bettors can make their deposits and wait to make their bets. Once bettors earn and unlock their bonus credits, they only have seven days to spend them. This is a tight clock for bettors to run on. 


VisitWynnBet Michigan and claim 200 free spins plus a $1,000 deposit bonus

WynnBET offers $1,250 at a 100% match rate. However, it has a 20x playthrough requirement. So, bettors have to wager $20 to get $1. To take advantage of this bonus, bettors must opt in before they make their first deposits. So, bettors must find the opt in option on the promotion page before making their first deposits. 

BetRivers Michigan

Visit: BetRivers Casino Michigan to claim a 100% deposit bonus up to $250

Here we have another deposit bonus. Like the others on this list, bettors have to make their first deposits count if they want to take full advantage of BetRiver’s bonus. This has the lowest playthrough requirement on this list. BetRivers will match bettors dollar for dollar. However, BetRivers will only award $250 in site credits. That’s the tradeoff BetRivers decided to make.  

BetMGM Michigan

VisitBetMGM Casino Michigan to claim $25 free and a $1000 deposit bonus

BetMGM’s $25 Free is an excellent no deposit bonus. They also offer a $1,000 deposit match that comes with two important conditions. The amount of bonus credits bettors will get is determined by their first deposits. So bettors need to make the first one count. BetMGM also has a 15x playthrough. So, they’ll only get $1 in bonus credits for every $15 they wager. 

DraftKings Michigan

Visit: DraftKings Casino to claim a $1,000 deposit match bonus

DraftKings’ $1,000 deposit bonus has three important conditions for bettors to understand. First, bettors must make their first deposits count, because that will determine how many bonus site credits they’re eligible for. Second, DraftKings has a 10x playthrough requirement, awarding $1 for every $10 bettors wager. Finally, the site credits will disappear after 30 days. So, once bettors get their credits, they need to use them before time runs out.  

William Hill Casino Michigan

Visit: William Hill Michigan to claim a $100 free bet

William Hill has the lowest risk-free betting period bonus. Bettors have 24 hours to win $100 back in site credits. However, William Hill has a lenient clock. The clock starts when bettors make their first deposits. So when bettors are ready to bet with William Hill, they can make their first deposits and get to betting. 

How To Claim Michigan Casino Bonuses

Online casinos often have clear options for claiming or beginning the process of claiming online casino bonuses. For example, DraftKings Casino’s promotion tab offers opt-in sections where bettors can make sure they’re earning their bonuses. 

Terms differ among online casino promotions. Some bonuses are triggered by bettors’ first deposits, opt-in buttons, and other conditions that bettors must fulfill upfront. Bettors just have to follow instructions so they can take advantage of the bonuses online casinos offer. 

Michigan Online Casino FAQs

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play At Online Casinos? 

21. States set their gambling ages this high because casinos have liquor licenses. Since gambling and booze go hand in hand, most states require bettors to be of drinking age before they can bet. Some states have gambling ages of 18, but they’re in the minority. (Looking at you, Oregon.) 

Can I Claim Bonuses At More Than One Online Casino? 

Yes. Bettors can create accounts at multiple online casinos. So, they can also cash in on multiple welcome bonuses. However, bettors can only cash in on one welcome bonus at an online casino at a time. Making multiple accounts at the same online casino is against their rules.  

What Are Playthrough Requirements At Online Casinos? 

Playthrough requirements set the amount of money bettors have to play for their bonus credits to be released. Deposits determine how many credits bettors are eligible to win. But wagering money releases the credits into bettors’ accounts. Bettors need to keep both factors in mind when they’re cashing in on deposit bonuses. 

What Is Bonus Abuse And How Can I Avoid It? 

Bonus abuse is when a user creates multiple accounts at the same online casino to take advantage of the same welcome bonus. To do this, bettors need a lot of personal information from a lot of different people. It prevents users from draining online casino profits beyond an affordable loss. 

Can I Claim Online Casino Bonuses Out Of State? 

Unlikely. Since online casino bonuses require betting, bettors usually can’t satisfy every bonus requirement. Bettors can manage their accounts from out of state. But bets can’t cross the state border. Otherwise, online casino legalization in one state would make it legal in all the surrounding states. Imagine the look on Texas’ face if that was true. 

How Does Geofencing Work At Online Casinos? 

Online casinos set boundaries around states that do three things: 

  • Allow legal wagers. 
  • Block illegal wagers. 
  • Establish state rules. 

Since every state has different online casino regulations, online casino operators have to change their rules in every state. Geofencing lets bettors see what the online casino companies want them to see. It’s a vital tool for online casinos.