Michigan QB Cade McNamara calls Jim Harbaugh’s decision ‘unusual’

Cade McNamara made the start against Colorado State and he did not exactly make a great case for the starting job at Michigan.

Cade McNamara started all 14 games for Michigan in 2021 and in the process, he beat Ohio State, won a Big Ten Championship game over Iowa, and helped lead the Wolverines to their first-ever College Football Playoff.

But despite those accomplishments, head coach Jim Harbaugh did not hand McNamara the keys to the team for the 2022 season. Instead, he made the decision to carry the Wolverines' quarterback competition between McNamara and J.J. McCarthy into the season with McNamara starting game one against Colorado State and McCarthy getting the no in Week 2 against Hawaii.

On Saturday, Cade McNamara made his start against Colorado State and he did not exactly make a great case for the starting job at Michigan.

During the game, McNamara completed 9-of-18 passes for 136 yards and a touchdown to go along with no interceptions (there was one dropped interception) as Michigan rolled 51-7 over the Rams.

Following the game, Cade McNamara spoke to reporters and when he was asked about how Jim Harbaugh was handling the Wolverines' quarterback situation, he did not spit out the company line.

“It was a clean game,” McNamara said of the offense’s performance. “We had one penalty, we had no turnovers. I think there's some stuff that didn't go our way. But I thought we handled it pretty well. Building off of this, I think, just kind of like first game stuff. 

Michigan QB Cade McNamara calls Jim Harbaugh's decision ‘unusual'

“I would definitely say it’s pretty unusual,” he said Saturday. “It was kind of a thing that I wasn't expecting by the end of camp. I thought I had my best camp. I thought I put myself in a good position. That was just a decision that Coach went with.”
“I was confident in the way I performed over camp — definitely felt that way,” he said. “However, it's just not my decision. So whatever it is, whatever my role is, I'm honored that my teammates recognize me for the role that I have currently. And that's about it.” 
“It's been fine,” he said. “I think this is sort of something that I've been dealing with, whatever part it was in my career. Whether it was before I played, with Joe [Milton], whether it was finally going in, whether it was last season, and now it is this season. I think at this point, I have a callus made on how to deal with these things.”

Nation, who do you think will ultimately win the starting gig for Michigan, Cade McNamara or J.J. McCarthy?