Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy exposes the ‘outside voices’ for false narrative

Regardless of who is eventually named as the starting quarterback for Michigan, J.J. McCarthy is confident in his abilities.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, Jim Harbaugh will name a starting quarterback for the University of Michigan and the job could very well go to sophomore, J.J. McCarthy.

On Saturday, McCarthy will make his first start since coming to Michigan and if he plays well against Hawaii, most believe he will officially be named the Wolverines' starting quarterback over junior, Cade McNamara.

Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy calls out the media for fake narrative

If you have been reading the press clippings, it is almost as if the media is pitting J.J. McCarthy against Cade McNamara and McCarthy says that the narrative being created by the “outside voices” cannot be further from the truth.

“It’s been awesome. I mean, what better way to have a guy that that intelligent, that motivated, that driven, and just be able to observe him every single day and be able to kind of just replicate some parts of his game that I can improve on my game,” McCarthy said. “And it’s just been an honest blessing for both of us to be in this position that we’ve been in and just grow from each other. I mean, there’s so many outside voices that try to make us dislike each other in a way and we’ve kind of taken that to heart and there were a couple of practices where like, ‘The media really doesn’t want us to like each other!’ And we just kind of laugh at it, we take on that challenge and embrace it. And it’s made us so much better as players and as human beings.”

Regardless of who is eventually named as the starting quarterback for Michigan, McCarthy is confident in his abilities.

“Extremely. Being around guys, like we have here, and being around coaches like we have here, they just fill you with overconfidence,” McCarthy said. “I’ve always been a guy to have extreme confidence in myself, and just being around guys like that and be around coaches like that just amplifies it even more.”
Nation, do you think J.J. McCarthy will be named the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season?