Michigan QB Shea Patterson gives disturbing accusation of Penn State players

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This past Saturday night, Michigan went down 21-0 before storming back and nearly tying the game at 28-28, had it not been for a dropped touchdown pass.

A big reason for the Wolverines’ comeback was the gritty performance by quarterback Shea Patterson.

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Patterson, who has not been as good as many hoped he would be so far this season, took his teammates on his back and scored a 1-yard touchdown with just 8:48 left in the fourth quarter.

On the touchdown run, Patterson was caught up in the middle of a pile and according to him, Penn State players were gouging at his eyes.

From WolverinesWire:

“Yeah, a little bit – that was not fun at all,” “They had me for a good 10 seconds in there. I don’t even know. I was trying to reach the ball across the plane, and for a good while, I was screaming for my life for a second. Yeah, wasn’t too happy about that.

“Anything you can do to help (your team) win, right?”

“I’ve never been in a pile as violent as that one,” Patterson said. “Got the touchdown, but that wasn’t fun.

“Dude had his index finger in my eye, in my eye socket, for about, like I said, about 10 seconds. Yeah, that wasn’t good.”

Watching the game live, you could see Patterson reaching for his eyes after scoring the touchdown and emerging from the pile.

Very unclassy move by the Nittany Lions.