Michigan QBs coach Matt Weiss wants camaraderie between players

Michigan Wolverines quarterbacks coach Matt Weiss is stressing the importance of healthy competition with his players, while also noting the equal importance of a supportive atmosphere.

“You want healthy competition,” Weiss explained while appearing on the ‘In The Trenches’ podcast with host Jon Jansen. “You want guys that obviously are going to compete, but at the same time they can support each other.

“There are going to be enough people outside that room and outside that building that are going to tear them down, and it’s really important that the people around them are supportive. You want the other guy to succeed, genuinely. And that goes a long way to how people perform.”

Michigan will be having just what Weiss wanted – healthy competition. While redshirt freshman Cade McNamara appears to be the starter coming out of spring practices, they also have J.J. McCarthy and Texas Tech transfer Alan Bowman, as well as freshman Dan Villari.

Weiss, who previously served as QB coach for the Baltimore Ravens, recently took his quarterbacks out for dinner at the Ann Arbor Chop House following the conclusion of spring practice.

“It’s something you work hard to build,” Weiss said. “Whether it’s getting the guys to go out to dinner together every week or the running backs in Baltimore took a trip every year together, they’d vacation together, which I think is pretty unique. Just encouraging that type of stuff to make that bond strong.

“There’s enough for everybody. A rising tide raises all ships. It’s not a zero sum game. You look at the history here at Michigan, especially with great quarterbacks being in the room; obviously, that’s well-documented. Hopefully we get to where they all feel that way and can have the best of both worlds.”

– – Quotes via Clayton Safie of The Wolverine Link – –