Can The Michigan State Spartans Make A Bowl Game In 2022?

Michigan State Spartans Finally Back In The Winning Column

Matthew Bassin: And the speaking of the Michigan State Spartans, they hosted for homecoming.

The Wisconsin Badgers is a team you and I both know and hate. And to my ultimate dumbfounded surprise when the clock struck zero. The Michigan State Spartans had more points than Wisconsin. 

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Ryan Griffin: Yeah, it was a fun game to watch. It was pretty frustrating. And for the Michigan State Spartans, it's probably not going to be a turning point in the season, but it was the healthiest the defense had been since week one.

We saw the Michigan State defense play better than they had, or, really, since week two when they played when they shut out Akron. And we saw the offense at least put up some points, like they did last year, and went deep a few times to Coleman and Reed. And they were able to bring down those 50-50 balls.

That seemed like, more often than not, you still had all the frustrations of many stupid penalties for Michigan State. Oh my God. It was unbelievable. The number of penalties and the number of times that screaming at my tv, thinking the game was over, and then. For them to mess it up. Not the game, but the play.

Yeah, I thought the game was over too. And then Mel Tucker decided to do the worst last 10 seconds of a game. I can never imagine calling the timeout and then thinking that. They're going to try a quick pass or something, right? And, try and get a first down. If not, bring it there. Instead, they throw the ball all the way across the field, Don't get the fur down.

Now they're on the opposite hash mark where they want to be. And the field goal unit is rushing onto the field. You get a bad snap. And then Barringer has to try and recreate Little Giants, which doesn't happen. He throws a pig. It was unbelievably frustrating. Even with the touchdown Jayden Reed through to Keon Coleman in overtime, it looked like it was going to be picked.

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And then Keon Coleman just went up and mo that port defender from Wisconsin. But yeah, so it was a lot of frustrations but a lot of, a lot of excitement too. And then they finally got the wind over a team. It's not the Wisconsin that we've seen of old, but hey, it's still Wisconsin, which is nice.

And especially a team that has had as much shorter recent history that they've had with the Michigan State Spartans. 

Matthew Bassin: Look, I don't give a damn who they beat as long as the winning number says six at the end of the year and we get to a bowl game. That's all I care about at this point because there's nothing else to play for.

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It isn't playing for a Big 10 championship. That definitely went out the window many losses ago. It was nice to see the losing streak snapped after four in a. Yeah, I'm with you. I still have no idea what Mel Tucker was trying to do in those last 30 seconds of the football game. I thought you had the play.

You got what you wanted. Now you got it on the left side of the field for a left-footed kicker. It's what you want. It's a better angle for him, and you didn't use the time-out. I'm sorry. He did use the time out, which is why I thought, okay, they're going to, they're going to kick it because yeah, there's a few seconds up the clock, but Wisconsin isn't going down the length of the field in 25 seconds, to score on this one.

They just, like Graham Mertz, had not looked good all day. The defense from Michigan State Spartans looked a lot better and actually looked like a competent elite defense. And so I thought everything was set up for a long kick to try and win the game before overtime from that side of the field. And then they run this play where they throw it back, and it's on the other side of the field, and now you're rushing out there with 18 seconds left to try and get a kick-off.

I don't understand what the point was. I just don't get it. But it is amazing to see how two people can make a defense so much better. Xavier Henderson, and Jacob Slade, come in, and now all of a sudden, we actually look like we know how to play defense. The Michigan State Spartans has not looked at all like they knew they ought to play defense for the last four weeks, and all of a sudden, having Slade and Henderson.

Michigan State Spartans

And now the defense actually can at least fight back. Yes, they're not going to be shutting down people. We don't have shutdown corners. It doesn't work that way, but having a few guys who are really good at their job allows other things to happen. Jacoby Windmon, we haven't heard from them since week two.

Guess what? There's a reason why the slate has been gone. And so Windmon had to pick up roles that weren't his, that he'd like to do. And so he was able to go back to what the, what he knows how to do, what he's more comfortable doing, and it made one hell of a difference. Once again, Big 10 defensive player of the week for the third time this year, which has only been done six other times in the history of the Big 10.

No one's gotten to four. We'll see if somehow Windmon can be the first. But only having guys that know what they're doing, especially leaders, to know what they're doing and actually lock down their position, as well as being a leader on the field to help put guys in the right position to succeed.

It made all the difference in the world. Yes, Wisconsin is not a great team this year, and they're not going to blow the doors off anybody offensively, but we've been losing the teams who are blowing our doors off, who really aren't blowing other people's doors off. So having some semblance of a defense, it was nice to see a nice change of pace from what we've been used to the last.

Ryan Griffin: Yeah, it was it was very nice, a very nice change of pace for the Michigan State Spartans, and we finally got the win.

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