Michigan State Athletic Director issues strong defense of Tom Izzo

Michigan State Spartans head coach Tom Izzo found himself back in the headlines today thanks to a report from ESPN saying that he contacted a witness in a sexual assault investigation against one of his players before they’d had a chance to speak with police and school officials.

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Spartans Athletic Director Bill Beekman immediately jumped into action, issuing a strong defense of the legendary head coach while also levying some harsh criticism at the accusations being made.

“Tom Izzo has been a beacon of integrity in his profession for nearly four decades, including a quarter century as a head coach,” Beekman said in a statement. “Michigan State’s Office of Institutional Equity has gone on record to say that no policies were violated in regards to any actions taken by the men’s basketball staff during a Title IX investigation into a student. There’s nothing to support claims that any member of the men’s basketball staff conducted their own investigation, or interfered with any ongoing investigation. Any situation to the contrary is nothing more than an attempt to smear a coach, a program, and an entire university.”

Spartans guard Brock Washington was suspended from the team in January due to an alleged sexual assault in 2017. Izzo has yet to comment on the most recent developments.

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