Michigan State DT Naquan Jones bashes ‘Spartan Nation’

By Arnold Powell  - News Desk Writer
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On Saturday, Michigan State went into Madison with a chance to make a statement against the Wisconsin Badgers and that is exactly what they did.

Unfortunately, for Spartan fans, that statement was something along the lines of, “we are a fraud,” as Wisconsin beat MSU 38-0 in what was one of the most embarrassing games in Mark Dantonio‘s tenure as head coach at Michigan State.

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During and following the game, many fans took to social media to blast their team, some calling out the players and some calling out the coaching staff, specifically Dantonio.

After catching wind of some of these comments, Spartans DT Naquan Jones took to Twitter to call out Spartan fans who were taking shots at the team.

“I don’t understand why these fake ass “Spartan Nation” fans always have so much to say..Unless you’re strapping up pads to play alongside me you should keep your comments to yourself. We work everyday to get criticized by people I bet haven’t even played 1 snap of football.”


Sorry, Naquan, but when your team does not produce, negative comments will follow. It comes with the territory and it always has. If you have a problem with it, stay off of social media.



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