Michigan State’s Mel Tucker reportedly helping Georgia to defeat Michigan

We all know that Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker does not care much for the University of Michigan football program but he would not go as far as helping an SEC team beat the Wolverines would he?

Well, according to Georgia linebacker Nolan Smith, he has exchanged texts with Tucker about defending Michigan.

“He told me straight up, he said y’all should be able to go in there and give a great shot,” Smith said. “Hopefully he’s right, and hopefully the things we talked about I can transition over to how they played their game and how we’re going to play our game.”

You can bet the Michigan offense hopes that Georgia defends them like the Spartans did as Michigan racked up 552 yards and 33 points.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan State’s Mel Tucker reportedly helping Georgia to defeat Michigan”

  1. You can bet the Michigan offense hopes Georgia does not take Tuckers advice….as he has won both games he has ever coached against them. Michigan scored 33 points eh? Well, Tucker and MSU scored 37 and beat them. What a joke of a statement. K9 for Heisman all day over the recency bias of Hutch who will be drafted by the awful Lions and do nothing with his career. Kenneth Walker III is a better player than Hutchinson all day, every day.

  2. lol Spartan tears taste PEACHY.
    Buddy- y’all are supposed to learn from losses. Purdue put up 40 pts then Buckeyes 56? Walker got shut down. Hutch rose up.

  3. Too funny last MSU player that was drafted by the lions got fired for not being able to quit the weed. Broken collarbone and falls asleep at intersection in Novi high as a kite. MSU is a joke.

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