Michigan tunnel controversies continue as Illinois HC Bret Bilema complains

According to Bret Bielema, there was another issue with the Michigan tunnel on Saturday.

Here we go again. It is well-documented about the issues that have taken place in the tunnel at Michigan Stadium in a couple of games this season, including when a pair of Wolverine players were assaulted by a group of Michigan State players after Michigan dominated MSU earlier in the season. Prior to last week's home game against Nebraska, additional security cameras were installed in the tunnel, and a new protocol was put in place for when opposing teams enter and exit the tunnel. According to Illinois head coach Bret Bielema, that protocol was not followed on Saturday following halftime of Saturday's game.

Michigan vs. Nebraska Michigan Tunnel Bret Bilema

What did Bret Bilema say about the Michigan tunnel?

According to ESPN sideline reporter Molly McGrath, Bielema was upset at halftime because his team was delayed coming out of the tunnel for their second-half warmups. Because of his complaining, the officials added two more minutes onto the clock so the Fighting Illini could warm up.

“Bret Bielema came out of the locker room, and was yelling that Michigan was running late and yelled for all of the different officials to hold Michigan back, but they let Michigan go and Illinois was held back and entered the field late,” McGrath said.

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Michigan went on to kick a game-winning field goal with just :09 remaining on the clock.

The Wolverines are now 11-0 with a HUGE matchup against Ohio State coming a week from today.