Michigan v. Rutgers: 5 bold predictions

Getting excited and hyped up for a game after a rivalry week can be a hard task for some teams. For the Michigan Wolverines, this could be a season-defining game with a playoff ranking starting to trickle in. So what can we expect from the team that just took care of “little brother” coming off of a heated rivalry? How does this team get back up and keep showing up and improving week after week? Does Rutgers even have a fighting chance against a top 5 team in the country? All of that will be answered in the following Michigan v. Rutgers predictions!

Michigan v. Rutgers

What are DSN's 5 Bold predicitions for Michigan v. Rutgers?

This game ever since Rutgers joined the Big Ten, (minus the covid year, because who counts that?) has been a snooze fest. Whether it has been in Ann Arbor or Newark the games have mostly been a blowout favoring the Wolverines. So could we finally see Rutgers get their second win against Michigan since joining the Big Ten? That is an easy question, no they won't. There's plenty of reason to believe that what we've seen recently will be exactly what we see on Saturday. So here are five bold predictions going into the Michigan v. Rutgers game.

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1. Michigan will prove the Playoff committee wrong for putting them behind Clemson


This past Tuesday the College Playoff Committee released its first round of Playoff projections. To many people's surprise the Michigan Wolverines, despite being undefeated, entered the rankings at number five, a spot behind the Clemson Tigers. Now, I understand a lot goes into these rankings: strengths of schedule, rest of the year projections, if you have won a title in the last 5 years, etc. But most importantly when does the eye test come into play?

Has the committee just not watched Clemson this year or just giving them the benefit of the doubt because it is Clemson and they are the Alabama of the ACC? The on-the-field eye test should favor the Wolverines and I do not think Jim Harbaugh will let anyone forget it after this week. Is the expectation of a game like 2016 (78-0 Michigan), no, but I think Harbaugh has enough fire and rage in him this week with all that's been going on that he will return to his petty self and prove why the Wolverines deserve to be over the Tigers in the Playoff committees eyes.

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