Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry likely to be renewed sooner than expected

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Michigan and Notre Dame last took the football field against each other back in 2019 and as it stands, they are not scheduled to play each other again until 2033, which teams absurd for what was once one of the great rivalries in college football.

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But according to a report from John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, thanks to NBC’s soon-to-be-announced Big Ten television deal, the rivalry between the Wolverines and Fighting Irish will be renewed sooner than 2033.

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Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry likely to be renewed sooner than expected

In the report, which can be read by clicking here, Ourand says that Notre Dame currently gets around $25 million per year for their current deal with NBC, and that a new contract could land them $60 million or so.

John Ourand notes that with this new deal, Notre Dame would still remain an independent in football but they would likely add more Big Ten games to their schedule, which would also likely mean playing Michigan again sooner than expected.

Obviously, Notre Dame would remain independent if it agrees to a new rights deal. But its association with NBC — and NBC’s new association with the Big Ten — make it likely that the Fighting Irish would add more Big Ten games to its schedule.

In other words, expect a return of Notre Dame’s rivalry with Michigan before 2033, which is when they are next scheduled to meet. The two last played in 2019. This season, Notre Dame has one Big Ten school (Ohio State) and one soon-to-be Big Ten school (USC) on its schedule.

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