Michigan vs. UNLV Opening Point Spread Revealed

The Michigan vs. UNLV opening point spread had been released and the Wolverines are a HUGE favorite.

Michigan vs. UNLV Opening Point Spread Revealed

The Michigan Football team is in high spirits after dominating East Carolina in their first game of the 2023 season. Now, the Wolverines are setting their sights on maintaining that momentum as they prepare to face UNLV. Though the Rebels also opened up their season with a blowout victory (40-14 over Bryant), Michigan has opened as a HUGE favorite in next Saturday's game.

Michigan vs. UNLV Opening Point Spread

How much is Michigan Football favored over UNLV?

DraftKings Sportsbook has listed Michigan as a 37-point favorite over UNLV. Given that Michigan didn't cover the spread in their recent game against East Carolina, and with head coach Jim Harbaugh absent, predicting the outcome might be a tad challenging. The Wolverines should easily be able to dispose of the Rebels, but that does not necessarily mean they will cover the spread.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Michigan Wolverines and the UNLV Rebels have both stormed into the season with triumphant wins in their respective games, showcasing strong offensive and defensive plays.
  2. Despite the Rebels’ impressive performance against Bryant, showcasing a potent rush attack and special teams prowess, the Wolverines have been marked as distinct favorites, with a spread favoring them by a considerable 37 points.
  3. Michigan Football's recent inconsistency against the spread, combined with their coaching flux due to Jim Harbaugh's absence, adds a layer of unpredictability to the upcoming matchup.
Michigan's offensive coordinator

Bottom Line – Gridiron Gambles

Michigan was also a huge favorite over East Carolina, but after jumping out to a 30-0 lead, the Wolverines took their foot off the gas. In fact, they removed many of their starters from the game after three quarters. Could Michigan cover the spread against UNLV if they really wanted to? Sure they could. But does that mean they will run the score up just to do so? Only time will tell.