Michigan Wolverines Standouts Named Potential UDFA Gems by PFF Post NFL Draft

A recent article by Daniel Plocher for Maize n’ Brew underscores the continued impact of the Wolverines beyond draft day. Pro Football Focus has identified three former Michigan Wolverines who went undrafted in the NFL Draft but are now generating buzz as undrafted free agents to watch.

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Why it Matters:

The journey to the NFL is a dream for many collegiate athletes, and not being drafted can be a critical setback. However, being named as a potential undrafted free agent (UDFA) to watch by Pro Football Focus (PFF) shines a spotlight on talent that may have been overlooked in the NFL Draft. These athletes’ performances could signal hidden gems for the teams that signed them, potentially impacting the upcoming NFL season and altering the fortunes of both the players and franchises involved.

Michigan Wolverines

What’s New:

PFF highlighted three former Michigan Wolverines — Trente Jones, Drake Nugent, and Josh Wallace — as UDFAs to watch post NFL Draft. Each player has joined a different NFL team with Jones going to the Green Bay Packers, Nugent to the San Francisco 49ers, and Wallace to the Los Angeles Rams. All three players have achievements and skills that, according to PFF, could make them valuable assets to their new teams.

The Big Picture for the Michigan Wolverines:

For the Michigan Wolverines, the nod from PFF further cements the program’s reputation for developing NFL-caliber talent across all positions. For the NFL, especially teams like the Packers, 49ers, and Rams, it underscores the ongoing importance of UDFAs in uncovering cost-effective talents who can make significant contributions. It also speaks to the increasing sophistication of talent analysis that goes beyond just the metrics of the draft selections.

“Nugent has been one of the most consistent centers in college football for the last three seasons” – Thomas Valentine of PFF

“Wallace transferred to the Wolverines in 2023 and was an integral piece in the secondary as the team won the national championship. He allowed a 59.3 passer rating when targeted and earned an 81.5 grade. Wallace could stick on the roster as a valuable depth piece.” – Thomas Valentine of PFF

“Jones has had limited game time at Michigan but earned an 81.1 pass-blocking grade for his work in 2023, splitting his time between left tackle, right tackle and as an extra offensive lineman, but could kick inside to guard on the Packers roster.” – Thomas Valentine of PFF

The Bottom Line:

While not every undrafted player will make an NFL roster, the recognition of Trente Jones, Drake Nugent, and Josh Wallace by PFF provides a hopeful narrative for undrafted players seeking to make their mark in professional football. Their individual skill sets and potential contributions to their respective teams remind fans and analysts alike not to overlook the depth of talent that exists beyond the draft spotlight.

Written by Jeff Bilbrey

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