Michigan WR Ronnie Bell says beating Ohio State was not the ‘high of the high’ this year

Michigan WR Ronnie Bell spoke to the media and he made it clear that the goal is to win a Natty.

A year ago, the Michigan Wolverines were coming off blowout wins over Ohio State and Iowa when they played Georgia in the College Football Playoff, and, to be honest, it looked like they were just happy to be there. Now, the Wolverines are back in the College Football Playoff, and WR Ronnie Bell made it clear that winning it all is the goal.

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What did Michigan WR Ronnie Bell say about the College Football Playoff?

On Tuesday morning, Bell spoke to the media, saying that winning a Natty is the “standard and the goal.”

“This is the standard and this is the goal,” wide receiver Ronnie Bell said Tuesday morning. “Being here and trying to win a national championship.”

Bell, who was not able to play in the CFP last season because of an injury, added that last year, beating Ohio State was the “high of the high” but this year that is not the case.

“This is what’s been on our minds really all season,” Bell said. “Yeah, Ohio State was a huge part of that I guess, because last year it was the high of the highs but this year when we won nobody was really head over heels freaking out like last year.

“That’s how different this team is than last year — where our head's at, what the mentality is and what the goals really are. Last year (beating OSU) was the high of the high, this year it was part of still climbing the ladder.”

Michigan will take on TCU on New Year's Eve in College Football Semifinals at the Fiesta Bowl at 4:00 p.m. ET.