Michigan youth football coach punches parent in face, child begins crying in fear [Video]

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If you have children and are involved in youth sports, you understand that not all coaches are created equally. Some have your child’s best interest in mind and focus on a good experience for them, while others are hotheads who have no business working with kids.

In the video you are about to see, a flag football coach recently lost his cool and punched a parent at Midwest Performance Academy in Niles, Michigan.

As you can see below, the coach goes up to a parent as he is walking off the field and punches him right in the face.

Following the punch, the parent goes down to the ground and a bunch of people jump in to try and gain control. The saddest part is the kid who can be heard crying in the background.

This is awful.

“The victim, the person who got punched, came to the police department to report that he was assaulted and apparently the coach didn’t like how this spectator was looking at him,” said Niles police captain Kevin Kosten. “He referenced that may be he was smiling at the coach and so this coach just happened to punch him, sucker punch him, which to me means punch him in the face.

“There’s definitely a possibility that he could be charged with assault and battery. Some of that will certainly be up to the victim but assault and battery would be an appropriate charge in this case.”

Be better, people!

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