Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh says he wanted the Wolverines to ‘let it rip’ vs. Minnesota

When Michigan‘s 2020 schedule was first released, many Wolverines fans were shaking their heads when they saw the first game of the season would be at Minnesota against a top 25 Golden Gophers team. Most believed it would be a very close game and there were plenty who picked Minnesota to win.

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But on Saturday night, Jim Harbaugh and his Wolverines went into Minnesota and proceeded to stomp a mudhole in the Golden Gophers collective butts and walk it dry. In fact, when all was said and done, Harbaugh had led his team to a 49-24 win over P.J. Fleck‘s Minnesota team

Following the game, Harbaugh spoke to reporters via a Zoom video call and he talked about how proud he is of his players and that he is honored to be their head coach.

“We knew Minnesota was good and the momentum was going to change, probably 9-12 times, in the game,” Harbaugh told reporters after. “We were really, I think, prepared for that. Know how to recognize and then try to get it back as fast as you can, and for as long as you can.”

“Just every time our guys needed to step up and make a play and get that momentum back, they did tonight,” Harbaugh said. “It was really impressive. I’m just really proud of our team.”

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“I believe in them,” Harbaugh said. “I respect them. And I trust them. That’s why I just wanted them to go out there tonight and let it rip. And they did that.”

“Just honored to be their coach and go out there tonight and take the field with them and fight,” Harbaugh said. “They did really well. I’m really proud of them.”

Nation, do you think this is a sign of things to come for the 2020 Wolverines? Is this finally the year that they will defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes and win a Big Ten title?

Ok, we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but one thing is for sure, Jim Harbaugh and his Wolverines could not have gotten off to a better start.