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Miguel Cabrera hits Little League home run [Video]

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Miguel Cabrera hits Little League home run [Video]

To be a Major League Baseball player you have to have a level of skill that only a small percentage of people in the world ever attain. Hitting a round ball, which is traveling in excess of 90 miles per hour, with a round bat is arguable the most difficult thing to do in sports.

That being said, even though most of us could never make it to the Majors, many of us played Little League Baseball. In fact, for those of you who played Little League Baseball, you have almost certainly hit a Little League home run at some point during your career. You know, the one where you hit the ball 10 feet and then the opposing fielders throw the ball all over the place as you round the bases and step on home plate. (Yes, we know that is called a single in the Majors but don’t tell the 7-year-old me because he would be heartbroken.)

Let’s take a look back at when one of the greatest hitters of all-time, Miguel Cabrera, hit a Little League home run of his own…while playing for the Detroit Tigers.

I just got tired watching that!

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