Miguel Cabrera joins Detroit sports icons for emotional moment prior to final Opening Day

On Thursday, Detroit Tigers honored Miguel Cabrera, who has been playing baseball since his childhood, with a special ceremony during the pregame introductions before the final home opener of his playing career. Cabrera has experienced 20 Opening Days, including 16 home openers at Comerica Park in Detroit. The Tigers honored him as part of the starting lineup, and he was called onto the field to throw a first pitch alongside three other Detroit sports icons: Nicklas Lidström (Red Wings), Calvin Johnson (Lions), and Ben Wallace (Pistons).

Miguel Cabrera

Why it Matters

Cabrera, a future Hall of Famer and one of the Tigers’ most iconic players, was honored by the team and other Detroit sports legends during his final home opener before retirement.

Key Points

  • Cabrera has been playing baseball since childhood and has experienced 20 Opening Days in his career.
  • The Tigers honored him during the pregame introductions before the final home opener of his playing career.
  • Cabrera was part of the starting lineup and threw a first-pitch alongside three other Detroit sports icons.
  • He expressed his gratitude towards the Tigers and their fans for the opportunity to play for 20 years and experience 20 Opening Days.

Miguel Cabrera joins Detroit sports icons for emotional moment

Watch as Ben Wallace, Calvin Johnson, and Nicklas Lidström are introduced at Comerica Park, prior to Cabrera being waved out of the dugout to join them. Then, the four Detroit Sports icons all throw out the first pitch simultaneously.

Big Picture: A Legendary Career for Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera’s career as a professional baseball player has been nothing short of legendary. He has achieved numerous awards and accomplishments during his time with the Detroit Tigers, including two MVP awards, four batting titles, and 11 All-Star selections. Cabrera has been a key player in the Tigers’ success over the years, and his impact on the team and the city of Detroit is immeasurable. His final home opener before retirement was a fitting tribute to a true baseball icon.

Written by W.G. Brady

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