Miguel Cabrera left off Rosenthal’s Top 5 Position Players list

Ken Rosenthal is among the best in the game of baseball at what he does: Write.

He’s always among the first to scoop a big signing or report a blockbuster trade when they happen. I have a lot of respect for Ken and when he gives his two cents, I, along with many others pay close attention. But when the popular FOX Sports MLB writer revealed his ‘Top 5 Position Players’ list on the air on Monday evening, I (along with the rest of Detroit) shook their heads in amazement.

Missing from Mr. Rosenthal’s list is arguably the best player in the game: Miguel Cabrera.

“WHAT!?! Are you kidding me?!”, was my instant reaction. For the record, I didn’t watch the segment where Ken revealed this list, so I’m not sure what his thought process was or his reasoning behind his picks. Nor do I care. Simply put, the fact that the best player in the game isn’t considered a ‘Top 5 Position Player” by one of the games most respected writers is a joke. Here’s how Rosenthal’s list went:

If you can’t read that: 1. Bryce Harper, 2. Paul Goldschmidt, 3. Josh Donaldson, 4. Mike Trout, 5. Jason Kipnis.

Wow. Let’s start out by agreeing with 3 of the 5. Harper, Goldschmidt, and Trout are all among the best in the game and without a doubt deserve to be on this list. Harper and Trout would be great rivals if they played in the same division, and Goldy is the best 1B in the National League. Where this list loses credibility is having Josh Donaldson and Jason Kipnis ahead of Miguel Cabrera.

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For starters, while Donaldson has a respectable .301 batting average and 18 home runs, he’s also had 10 errors this season which is tied for 9th in all of baseball. For comparison, Miguel Cabrera has 2 errors and a .997 fielding percentage to go along with a .350 batting average which is 2nd in the AL.

Jason Kipnis has strung together a few good seasons in a row, but nothing compared to the dominance of Miguel Cabrera. What helps Kipnis is probably the fact that there aren’t many good 2nd basemen in baseball anymore. Kipnis is hitting 8 points below Cabrera, and a .990 fielding percentage. Overall, pretty good numbers from the Indians 2B, but are you really going to tell me that you’d rather take Kipnis than Cabrera? No.

Bottom line, Cabrera is a Top 5 player in the game of baseball, including both pitchers and position players. I know it, the Tigers know it, and the entire City of Detroit knows it. It’s about time one of baseball’s finest writers realizes it too.

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