Mike Vrabel said he was going to knock Tom Brady’s ‘d–k off’

Well, this is a fun one.

In Seth Wickersham’s new book “It’s Better to Be Feared”, he reveals that prior to their playoff game against the New England Patriots in 2020, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said to one of Tom Brady’s friends that they ‘We’re gonna knock Brady’s d–k off.”

From 97.1 the Ticket:

…almost 13 million people watched the video, including Mike Vrabel — a former teammate and good buddy of Brady’s, now the Titans head coach. Vrabel saw it as free inspiration for his team. This was something Tom Brady had never done. In almost two decades of brilliance, he had never made it easier for the opponent. When the video appeared, it was not only too late to be scared, it was too late for a lot of things.

“Before the game, Vrabel walked from the locker room to the field — where he had helped build the Patriots dynasty — and told one of the quarterback’s friends ‘We’re gonna knock Brady’s d— off.’”

Okie dokie, Mike.

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