MLB announces key change in team playoff celebrations

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Thankfully, we’ve been able to have the return of (most) sports amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, several safety protocols and measures have been taken, making them feel much different than what we’re used to.

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And now, one new protocol from Major League Baseball will make player postseason celebrations look far different this time around – they will be alcohol free in 2020.

According to Joel Sherman of The New York Post:

“MLB recognizes it can remove one vital element from any stadium celebration — alcohol. The teams supply it in celebratory moments and MLB is going to forbid its presence. MLB also can, to a large extent through the teams, control the clubhouse. To that end, the league is going to ask players to celebrate on the field and to mask up as soon as it’s possible to do so. Commemorative shirts and caps are likely to be distributed in a way to limit contact with as many people as possible.”

Do you agree with this safety measure?

– – Quotes via Matt Snyder of CBS Sports Link – –