Ranks All Players, 5 Tigers in Top 50

The 2015 Season Fantasy Preview from has been released and it contains a ranking and projected stats of all major league players. Brian Manzullo at the Detroit Free Press has found where all the Tigers ended up on the list.

The highlights include these players in the Top 50:

Miguel Cabrera (6)

David Price (33)

Yoenis Cespedes (40)

Victor Martinez (41)

Ian Kinsler (45)

Anibal Sanchez and Justin Verlander rang in at 129th and 254th, respectively. Joe Nathan looking for a season of redemption in 2015 comes in at #330.

The list of former and possible future Tigers includes such players as: Max Scherzer (22), James Shields (106), and Torii Hunter (264).

To almost round out the list, is beloved former Tiger, Don Kelly. He was ranked 826 out of 827. Somehow, I think he’d rank higher among Detroit fans.

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