MLB HR Derby To Feature New Format

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We love brackets in America. Whether it’s the March Madness, the NHL Playoffs, or a tennis tournament, there’s no better way to determine a champion. 

Organizers of Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby took notice of the bracket-mania and decided to change how we determine the ultimate slugger in the big leagues. Beginning tonight at Target Field, the Home Run Derby will feature a bracket style format never seen before. Before we explain the rules, here is a quick peek at the bracket itself:


Captains once again picked the teams. This year, the captains are Jose Bautista (AL, Toronto Blue Jays) and Troy Tulowitzki (NL, Colorado Rockies). A list of each team is made up below. Here’s how it will work: Each league will send all 5 of its players up to bat in the 1st round. Their goal will be to hit as many home runs as they can before they accumulate 7 outs (as opposed to the previous 10). The player from each league that hits the most home runs in Round 1 will receive an automatic “BYE” to the 3rd Round. The next top 2 players from each league will square off head-to-head in a 2nd Round matchup, thus eliminating the bottom 2 players. The winner of the matchup in Round 2 will then face-off in Round 3 with whoever got the “BYE”. The winner of Round 3 will then face the winner of the other league in the Finals to determine the Home Run Derby Champion.

If there is a tie in any round, there will be a “swing-off” to determine who will advance. In the “swing-off” the tied participants will each have 3 swings, and the whoever has more HR’s in those 3 swings will advance. IF they are still tied after 3 swings, we go to sudden death, where each participant will have 1 swing. The process repeats until there is a winner. The fun begins at 8pm tonight on ESPN.

American League Roster:

-Jose Bautista (TOR) – 17 HR

-Yoenis Cespedes (OAK) – 14 HR

-Josh Donaldson (OAK) – 20 HR

-Brian Dozier (MIN) – 18 HR

-Adam Jones (BAL) – 16 HR


National League Roster

-Todd Frazier (CIN) – 19 HR

-Justin Morneau (COL) – 13 HR

-Yasiel Puig (LAD) – 12 HR

-Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) – 21 HR

-Troy Tulowitzki (COL) – 21 HR




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