MLB players not showing love for the Detroit Tigers uniforms

The Detroit Tigers uniforms and the Old English D in particular are one of the most iconic in all baseball, but how do other MLB players feel about the whole setup?

Apparently, not too much.

85 current major league players were polled on their favorite MLB uniforms (and were not allowed to choose their own team), and just a single player listed the Tigers as his favorite uniform. Seriously – just one. But the Tigers don’t have to feel terribly snubbed, considering the classic setups of the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs also garnered just one vote each.

The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers each came in first place with 10 first place votes each.

“The crisp, clean white with the blue lettering and the one red number,” said Boston Red Sox player Brock Holt. “That’s really clean. And even their grey uniforms with the blue and just the red number kind of stands out.”

Houston Astros pitcher Collin McHugh: “I think they’re the most classic. They haven’t changed since 1940, except for the L.A. and the red number. No stripe on the pants, all blue hat. They have two uniforms, that’s it. I like them. I think they’re really cool.”

The Atlanta Braves received nine votes, while the Milwaukee Brewers received six. Tied for fifth were the St. Louis Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks with five votes each. The San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies each got four votes, while the Pittsburgh Pirates and Oakland A’s each got three.

While the Detroit Tigers aren’t exactly lighting it up on the field, you’d think a classic uniform like theirs would have garnered more love from their MLB peers!

Written by Michael Whitaker

Always at the front lines of Detroit Sports.

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