MLS Commissioner mentions Detroit as possible expansion location

As hype continues to grow for Detroit City FC, talks have continued around Detroit possibly attaining an MLS team. Fans from around the metro-area have been very vocal in their support of an MLS team coming to the Motor City and national media outlets have continued to report on this possibility as well.

Now Detroit soccer fans can have something concrete to hold onto. During the MLS annual ‘block party’ this year celebrating the planned expansion of a Sacramento team, MLS Commissioner Don Garber made mention of the future plans of the ever-growing league:

Finally, there is substantial evidence of the MLS being interested in coming to Detroit. We are the largest media market without an MLS team and there is definite interest that should put Detroit on the MLS map in no time.

And in case you are curious where a possible MLS team would be located in Detroit, check out our Top 5 locations to put a Detroit MLS squad.



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