Money talks: Why so many big names are leaving Detroit

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Max Scherzer, gone.

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Ndamukong Suh, gone.

Mike Babcock, gone.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this happened. Six months ago all three of these men were on their respective teams, with an impending expiring contract. If you would have told me then that all three would move on to different teams I would have called you crazy.

Alas, it happened. It hurt each time. It hurt when each of those three left, but it was short lived because every time, it was all about the money.

Yeah of course Babcock said money wasn’t a factor in his decision. But explain to me why he took the most of any offer out there? I am not here to bash him at all, I loved every second of him coaching for the Detroit Red Wings but really? eight years and $50 million dollars? He is now the highest paid coach in NHL history.

It’s hard to understand why money means so much to them, most of us don’t and never will.

For Suh and Scherzer, it was the money over love for playing for Detroit.Suh even admitted money played a big factor in his decision for him to leave for south beach.

Suh even admitted money played a big factor in his decision to leave for South Beach.

Scherzer was quoted in saying “I don’t play for the money.” Well, Max if you don’t play for the money then why did you take the Washington Nationals offer of seven years and $210 million over the Tigers offer of six years and $144 million?

In pro sports money talks, and Detroit has lost players that many of us were expecting to stay.

Is it bad luck? Sort of. However, it is something all three teams (Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings) can overcome easily.

The Tigers went out and got themselves a power hitter in Yoenis Cespedes, and replaced Scherzer with Alfredo Simon. They can easily win a 5th straight divisional crown.

The Lions traded for a veteran defensive linemen in Haloti Ngata to replace Suh. The Lions will still have a great defense and return to the playoffs.

As for the Red Wings, they will more than likely hire Jeff Blashill and guess what? They will still make the playoffs, for a 25th consecutive season.

I know what you are thinking, what about the Pistons? Have no fear, they to will be losing one of their best players to free agency because he will be offered more money somewhere else.

Greg Monroe is more than likely not going to re-sign with the team, continuing Detroit’s streak of losing star players.

The players and coaches who want to be here purely for the love of Detroit will stay, those who don’t will leave.

So I leave you with this: Those who stay will be champions and those who see dollar signs elsewhere still won’t have enough money to buy a ring.



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Posted by Shawn Delacourt
Shawn was born and raised in the thumb of Michigan. He is a die-hard Tigers, Red Wings, and U of M Football fan. The love of sports doesn't stop there as he loves anything and everything sports related. He currently studies at Spring Arbor University where he majors in journalism, and minors in youth ministry.