Mr. Reliable: Top 5 Don Kelly Moments as a Tiger

The man could simply do it all for the Detroit Tigers. For six seasons in the Motor City, super utility man Don Kelly was certainly a must in the clubhouse for a number of reasons. He was a popular player among the Tiger faithful as well as in house for former manger Jim Leyland. Jimmy Smokes liked having Kelly on the roster. He provided an above average defensive presence in the field, and you could count on him to at the very least give you a quality at-bat every trip to the plate. Most of all though, Kelly never complained about playing time or where the skipper would put him out in the field. The guy played everywhere……literally. He even made a pitching appearance, but we’ll get to that later on. He’s even had to emergency catch at times for the Tigers.

The fact of the matter is, he is a guy that every team needs. That is, a guy that is capable of playing almost every position on the field, can be relied on in a number of situations throughout the game, and knows his role on the team. Don Kelly was that for the Tigers. I personally will miss that, because there aren’t too many Don Kelly’s around anymore it seems like. So, we decided to put together in no particular order, the five greatest DK moments while sporting the old English D.

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