MSE Staff Predictions: 2019 Detroit Tigers

The writing staff for the Tigers section at Michigan Sports and Entertainment came together last night to give their thoughts on the upcoming season. Here are each of their predictions for the Tigers in 2019.

John Jones

The Tigers' can't compete with Cleveland's' rotation or Minnesota's bats but play gritty ball landing in fourth place behind Chicago and ahead of Kansas City. Cabrera has a bounce-back year staying relatively healthy. Christian Stewart shows glimpses of what will come. Castellanos has his best offensive season ultimately signing a six years deal staying put. Fans get a taste of the future with late season call ups Mize and Daz. And 2019 will be a pitching season to forget. FAs Moore and Ross can't finish the season due to injury paving the way for Boyd and Turnbull having breakout years.
66-96 – 4th Place

Dustin Whitehead

With the Tigers being smack dab in the middle of a rebuild, I expect this to be another difficult season. Many of the players are young and still developing. While most of the veterans have already had there best season. 2019 will be a season about player development, regarding the young guys.

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65-97 – 4th Place

Steve Byrd

With a professional manager like Gardy, the fundamentals should be better as they incorporate more kids into the mix. A healthy Miggy is going to be huge out of the gate. If he’s swinging like the last four weeks, he could keep the team respectable early on. The rotation will probably end up being the Achilles heel. I like the kids that are arriving and if the Tigers get production from some of the 1-year deals (JaHay, Jordy, Moore, etc.) management can flip them for a few more prospects in July with an eye on 2020/21 being contenders. I think the organization takes another step this year and Miggy wins Comeback Player of the Year.

70-92 – Third Place

Sue Baldock

I’d love to predict that they’ll take the division if you’re as old as I am (65), you’ve already seen two championship seasons in the last 50 years (1968 and 1984), and your memories yearn to have something current to cheer for. Having said that, and given the current lineup, I cannot make any such prediction. I do think they will finish around third place. Lots of questions, can Miggy stay healthy and have an effective comeback year? What’s the pitching going to look like by midseason? What are they going to look like defensively? Will the young players be consistently productive in the lineup? Just too many questions to say this team can compete for a division title.

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77-85 – Third Place

Nick LePage

While a playoff run isn’t likely, I predict some improvement from the 64-98 record last year. In another year of rebuilding, I project the Tigers to go 72-90 in 2019. I’m excited to see what the rotation looks like with the additions of Matt Moore and Tyson Ross as well as what kind of season Christin Stewart will have. The AL Central seems to be a relatively weak division this year meaning more opportunities for the Tigers to improve and win some more games.

72-90 Third Place

Ryan Krauss

The Detroit Tigers will surprise some people in the second year of Ron Gardenhire’s regime. They will be competitive and score more runs with a lineup that features some pop. Miguel Cabrera will show people that he still has a lot of life in his bat and in the field. Detroit ends up finishing third in the division behind the Twins and the Indians.
78-84 – Third Place

Dan Murphy

Its been an incredibly disappointing last couple years for Tigers fans to say the least. As the team has been knee deep in a rebuild, many former stars such as Justin Verlander, J.D. Martinez, Rick Porcello, David Price, Ian Kinsler, and even the former GM Dave Dombrowski have been out winning world series championships with other clubs. But as dark as this period has been I think we will finally see some light at the end of this tunnel. Many of the young players who are being looked upon as the building blocks of this rebuild will make significant strides in their development. Guys like Christin Stewart, Jeimer Candelario, Matt Boyd, and Daniel Norris will begin to show their full potential. Veterans, Miguel Cabrera, and Jordan Zimmermann will have relatively solid years to help lead the lineup and rotation respectively. I don't see this team contending for a division title, but I do think they'll be better than most pundits believe.
79-83 – Third Place
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