Sports Illustrated butchering Dantonio’s name the latest in disrespect towards MSU


Here we go again, Spartan Nation. Once more, a national publication with a global reach has shown Michigan State another form of disrespect. As if fans not wearing Green and White need more examples of why fellow Spartans walk around town with a chip on their shoulder. This time the culprit of sheer jackass-ery is none other than Sports Illustrated.

On SI’s latest cover that is already on the shelf, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is misidentified as “Mike” Dantonio. On the cover. Once more, ON THE FREAKING COVER. You can see Sports Illustrated’s  hack of an editing job below.

For years, Spartan fans have walked around town and spoke up in chat rooms on the internet acting like they have a chip on their shoulder. And for equally as long, they’ve been accused of being sensitive, thin skinned, or however else you want to put it. Well this is exactly why. How hard is it to get the name of a head coach correct ON THE COVER of a globally read magazine? Apparently it’s rocket science because this is not the second, third, or even the fourth time that this has happened to poor Mark Dantonio. Heck, it isn’t even the 2nd time this week! See the Wall Street Journal’s fantastic editing job below.

Coach Dantonio will probably laugh it off and say it doesn’t bother him, and then hang it from the locker room on New Year’s Eve and give his boys the whole “They still don’t know who we are” speech. That works great for motivation, but at some point this needs to stop.

So why do MSU fans take this so personally? It’s because it seemingly only happens to Dantonio. Whether he’s called ‘Mike Dantonio’ or ‘Mark D’Antoni’ (in reference to the former NBA coach) or however else you want to butcher his name, it only happens to Coach D. If ESPN or someone else misidentified Jim Harbaugh, or Urban Meyer, or anyone in the SEC, that fan base would put whatever incompetent media outlet on full blast. Mark Dantonio is the best coach in the country, and the fact that this keeps happening is beyond pathetic. Editors, graphics crew, anchors, or anyone else who is so inept as to not know how to spell or speak his name, should lose their jobs. This is journalism in 2015 where you don’t get to make errors like this and make corrections. Get it damn right the first time.

It’s not like Dantonio is some unheard of guy either. He took a program that nobody wanted to coach, that nobody wanted to play for, and has turned it into currently the best football program not only in the Big Ten, but among the best in the nation. What he’s done at Michigan State is unheard of for anyone not named Ohio State, Michigan, USC, or Alabama. A 65-15 record, 3 Big Ten Championships in 4 tries, a Rose Bowl victory, 7-1 in their last 8 vs Top 10 teams, a Cotton Bowl victory, 3 straight top 5 finishes, and all the while sending players like Le’Veon Bell, Kirk Cousins, Brian Hoyer, and Jeremy Langford to the NFL.

It’s absolutely embarrassing what Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, ESPN, and countless others keep doing. And it’s not like his name is something out of a foreign nation either.

What it all comes down to is a show of absolute zero respect towards anything the Michigan State football team does these days. This is a team playing for a National Championship in a matter of weeks, and the first thing you’ll see on the internet is about what recruit Jim Harbaugh’s buttering up, followed by Todd McShay’s continuous bashing of Connor Cook for absolutely no reason at all.

Enough is enough. For Mark Dantonio, this is exactly what he wanted. For us Spartan fans, it’s just another example of how all we have to do is beat you for you to remember our names. The Spartans will look to put Mark Dantonio’s name not only in the papers, but engraved on a trophy in the coming weeks. Get ready…and Go Green!