MUST SEE: 5 Epic Bob Probert vs. Tie Domi fights

One of the best fighting-rivalries in NHL history, whenever Bob Probert and Tie Domi hit the ice together, you knew there was dynamite about to go off somewhere. These two alone fueled many on-ice rivalries between their teams.

So, let’s take a look back a five epic fights between these slugging juggernauts.

(Keep in mind these are not ranked, just compiled for your entertainment).


5. (No Date Available)

Kind of hard to determine a “winner” in this fight, since neither guy seemed able to get a good hand free. So we’ll just call this a draw.

4. April 15th, 1998

Another fight without a real “clear-cut” winner, Domi got the hits in early, but Probert had a strong finish and took Domi down to the ice. We’ll still call it a draw.

3. April 3rd, 1996

Probert clearly wins this one by a landslide. He even gets Domi in the back of the head at one point. Probert “reclaims the belt” that Domi “won from” him previously.

2. February 9th, 1992

An obvious win for Domi, he gets Probert above the eye to start the fight, cutting him pretty good. He then goes on to strip off 60% of Probert’s equipment, all while still flailing the fists.

1. December 2nd, 1992

Hilarious to hear how quickly hockey announcers used to become boxing announcers. Probert flat-out destroys Domi here, landing a good 5-6 uninterrupted hooks at one point, and taking Domi down to the ice at the end. One of the most explosive fights between these two.