MUST SEE: 97.1 The Ticket hosts get the snapchat filter treatment

97.1 The Ticket show hosts and other personnel decided to give themselves the Snapchat filter treatment, and the results are….shocking to say the least. The descriptions from webmaster Evan Jenkins certainly add another layer of horror to the mix.

“Jamie Samuelsen looks like Martha Stewart’s sister, the one who makes homemade cheese with the goats she raises in the mountains.

“Stoney is actually a pretty decent looking female. The one friend of your mom who really likes to listen. But why is he serving us come-hither eyes? Not cool, Stoney.”

“Gator looks like the woman that gets way too drunk at your work party and starts offering back rubs. Eventually, gives the rubs to everyone whether they like it or not. Laughs a little too loud at jokes she doesn’t understand, cries at imaginary slights.”

“There aren’t any words for Tony Ortiz, except that I think he was cut from the little-known Madea movie, “Madea’s Coming For You,” and may still be salty about it.”

“Finally, yours truly. I could pass for the girl next door. Neighborhood’s not too great, though.”

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