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MUST SEE: Fan fights Chicago Blackhawks’ mascot, gets his A%* handed to him!

Well, you can file this one under the “you don’t see this every day” category.

Watch as a fan attempts to fight Tommy Hawk, the Chicago Blackhawks mascot following a 4-3 overtime loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Friday night. As you can see, Mr. Hawk can certainly hold his own and then some!

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the fan was the instigator, though the police did not necessarily agree with that.


WATCH: Peyton Manning calls out weakness of Detroit Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford

Whether you are a Matthew Stafford supporter or a Matthew Stafford hater, you probably agree that he is not having a very good season up to this point with the Detroit Lions.

Sure, the offensive line has been banged up, his receivers do not get separation, and Jim Bob Cootercould not play call his way out of a paper bag, but Stafford has also been part of the problem.

In his most recent analysis video, former 14-time Pro Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning pointed out one of Stafford’s biggest weaknesses, staring down his receivers rather than looking in other directions first.

“As a quarterback, believe it or not, we need to use our eyes to look off defensive linemen and pass rushers,” he said. “Don’t stare at the receiver because then the pass rushers know where you’re going to go. So look off. Even though if you know you’re gonna throw it out there to the right and to the flat, look left to start, or look down the middle. Don’t let those defensive linemen know where you’re going.”

Check out the video below to see Manning’s full analysis.

To read the rest of the article and to watch the video, please feel free to click on the link below.

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