MUST SEE: Ian Kinsler releases statement for Detroit Tigers fans


On Wednesday, news broke that Ian Kinsler was no longer a member of the Detroit Tigers after being traded to the Los Angeles Angeles for a couple of prospects.

Following the move, Tigers fans hopped on social media to give their thoughts on the move.

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Today, Kinsler took to Instagram to send a message to his teammates, coaches, and Detroit Tigers fans.
“To all my teammates and coaches, it’s a special relationship spending a summer battling everyday together. To the fans and the city of Detroit, this might sound cliche, because every athlete seems to say the same thing, truly you have been a blessing to me and my family for the last 4 years. You will be missed.” #michigansummers

For the record, Ian, YOU have been a blessing to us!


EDITORIAL: Tigers GM Al Avila drops ball by trading Ian Kinsler for nothing

The Detroit Tigers are in an all-out rebuilding mode. In fact, they have been in that phase since the MLB trade deadline approached this past July. Tigers general manager Al Avila made it perfectly clear at that time that his goal was to shed payroll by unloading some of the bigger contracts while trying to re-stock the team’s farm system in the process.

And that is exactly what Avila has done.

Not only did he trade away J.D. MartinezJustin WilsonJustin Upton, and his son, Alex Avila, but he also dealt one of the greatest Tigers of all-time, Justin Verlander.

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