MUST SEE: The Kenny Goins shot heard ’round the world!

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Down goes Duke!! Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans are headed to the Final Four thanks to this clutch 3-point shot from Kenny Goins!

The shot put the Spartans ahead in the final minute, and a missed free-throw attempt by Duke’s R.J. Barrett with seconds remaining sealed the win for Michigan State by a 68-67 final!


Dwane Casey has message for Izzo haters

On Thursday, the Michigan State Spartans defeated Bradley 76-65 to advance to the NCAA Tournament Round of 32.

But the Spartans win was not the news that stole the headlines over the next couple of days.

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Instead, everybody and their brother showed the video and wrote about a couple of incidents which involved MSU head coach Tom Izzo yelling and getting in freshman Aaron Henry‘s face.

Some destroyed Izzo for his actions while most defended him, pointing out how much he loves his players and that this is something he has done for many years.

On Saturday, Detroit Pistons‘ head coach Dwane Casey was asked about Izzo’s coaching style and he had a message for anyone criticizing the Spartans’ coach for getting on his players.

As a Michigan fan who absolutely loves John Beilein and his coaching style, I almost equally love Tom Izzo and how he coaches his teams.

Keep it up, Tom.


Michigan State point spread revealed

On Sunday, No. 2 seed Michigan State took down the overall No. 1 seed Duke to advance to the Final Four.

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The Spartans will now take on No. 3 seed Texas Tech, who advanced by defeating Gonzaga on Saturday.

According to reports, the Spartans and Red Raiders will tip off at approximately 8:30 p.m. on CBS this coming Saturday night.

Nation, who do you have winning this one?

The winner of MSU vs. Texas Teach will take on the winner of No. 1 Virginia vs. No. 5 Auburn, who tip off at 6:09 p.m. on CBS.