Detroit Lions MUST-WIN / CAN’T LOSE games for 2022

Is the Rebuild sound or Not found? Key games for Lions in 2022
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Detroit Lions Must win/ Cant Lose

David Pyke: So the next topic is obviously like last week we talked about the schedule at least a little bit, but one of the things I wanted to bring up here is what game on the schedule do you think as a victory gives the Detroit Lions the most credibility of actually being a contender? 

Because there have been rumors. There have been a few whispers out there that the Lions could potentially win 10, maybe 11 games and get into the playoffs because of how soft our schedule is. 

What, when do you think gives the Lions the most credibility as a contender? And if the Lions were to lose, what’s lost, do you think gives them the impression that they still need a lot of work? What do you think if they lose to the Bears twice?

Nick Bradley: I’m gonna freak out if they lose to the Bears twice. I’m gonna freak out for real. But as far as, I think it’s gotta be Buffalo on Thanksgiving, just because we know how Thanksgiving goes. Every single year I eat a bunch of Turkey the Lions game comes and it goes, and I lay on my couch and I scroll on Twitter.

And all I see is I can’t believe the NFL still lets Detroit Lions host to Thanksgiving. It makes me want to throw up when I read those tweets, it’s a tradition unlike any other, no, but who cares about the masters? I’d love to see beating Buffalo with Josh Allen. They want to win a super bowl this year.

They’re not looking to make the playoffs, they’re trying to win the Superbowl. Buffalo, Thanksgiving in Detroit. Give me that game, give me that win. Hopefully, at that point we’re still like, I don’t know, at least like 500 or floating around there. Give me that game and we’ll be cooking gas. 

David Pyke: All right. All right. Thank you, Jim Nance, for your intake there. Yep. Yep. 

Nick Bradley: My pleasure. My pleasure. 

David Pyke: I’ll say this, the Bills game instantaneously jumps right off the script as being the one that would give the Detroit Lions the most credibility, obviously, because the Bills are considered Superbowl favorites next year, or this upcoming year for the AFC. 

But I’m going to actually keep it closer to home. And I think it’s any one of the games against Green Bay, specifically the game at Green Bay because think about it this way. Green Bay has been the ruler of the north since the Brett Favre era. For the last 20 years, they’ve pretty much ruled the North almost without any competition.

Sure. The Bears and the Vikings have won the North a couple of times, but it’s been pretty much the Packers division to lose every stinking. If the Detroit Lions could go into Lambeau week 18 and pull off an upset there, let’s just say for a whole, all intents and purposes that it’s down to the wire, wherever wins, the game, wins the division.

If the Lions can go in the Lambo and pull up an offset against the Packers on their home turf, that right there would tell me, okay, the page is turned. The Lions are now actually starting to be a contender that we can take seriously in the NFC North. Because if you go to Lambo and you beat Aaron Rogers at his home turf, you’ve got something going. 

Or as you like to say, we’re cooking with gas now, and we’re not just cooking with gas. We’re throwing dynamite on the fire and saying, we’re blowing up the NFC North and we’re taking everybody with us as hostages.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, that’s fair. It’s Buffalo or Green Bay, I think are the two answers. Like you just said, Aaron Rogers has been ruining my life since I can remember thinking. So that’d be nice. The only reason I didn’t say Green Bay is because it’s the last game. So you already know it by that point, we either stank or we’re good. 

The Chicago White Sox put the Detroit Tigers in their place

David Pyke: True. And again, that’s why I said hypothetical situation if it comes down to that point, but okay, now let’s look on the flip side of that coin. You said the Bears. So for me, I’ll be honest. It’s the Bears are close, but the other team would be the Jaguars. If we were to somehow lose against the Jaguars in our home stadium, I would cry bloody murder. 

Because dude, the Jaguars had the number one overall pick this last draft. They literally just went on and spent a whole bunch of money on free agents, which I think they overpaid on quite a lot of them. If we can’t beat the Jaguars on our home turf, that right there is wow, maybe we’re not as far along as I thought we were.

So for me, it’s if we can’t beat the Jaguars the worst team last year, then I think we have a problem. And I think we have to reevaluate where in this rebuild, we truly are.

Nick Bradley: The reason I didn’t say them is because you would assume Trevor Lawrence is going to come into his own, right?

Maybe a year or two where this guy can carry a team to some level. And they did just scoop a bunch of free agents. So it’s like they can’t be the worst team in the NFL. Again, I think the Bears could be the worst team in the NFL. Brand new front office, and a brand new coach. Justin Fields, I like him, but he wasn’t great.

Last year, their all offensive line is atrocious. They don’t have anybody to catch footballs outside of Darnell Mooney. Like I look at the Bears and the other thing that would really upset me with losing to them is just the fact that we’ve been getting torched by Mitch Trubisky for the last few years. Like every time we play the Bears, it’s we should beat these guys.

They’re not good. And we lose anyway. Just beat the beat, the Bears, they stick, they don’t have anything good, except for maybe Justin Fields beat those guys. 

David Pyke: Justin Fields, in my opinion, wasn’t even all that good. Last year, seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He was horrible. And again, that’s not necessarily a reflection of him, a talent.

It’s a reflection of the talent he had around him. Like the Bears are just, huh. They’re just, God awful. I’m sorry. That’s the way I’m going to put it in the fact that I saw a report that some guy thinks they’re going to go 11 and six and the Lion’s six and 11. I laughed my butt off. I was like, there ain’t no chance the Bears go 11 and 6. 

Nick Bradley: They’re going to have the worst offensive line in the NFL. Justin Fields might be a dead body before week eight. 

David Pyke: He’d just be hanging out like, I’m just here to collect a paycheck, but I’m getting beat up along the way. I 

Nick Bradley: swear to God last year, once a week, I’d see some highlight of him just getting his head taken off.

And it’s this is the Bear’s plan for their franchise QB. Beat the Bears. Please beat the Bears. 

David Pyke: Absolutely. Please beat the Bears. That should be our next mantra. Please beat the Bears. Please beat the Bears. 

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