Nate Burleson’s biggest NFL regret may have cost Detroit Lions a division title

In a recent piece published on, some of their analysts who also played in the league revealed their biggest regrets and former Detroit Lions WR Nate Burelson‘s is funny and not funny at the same time.

Here is what Burleson had to say about his biggest regret from his playing days.

My biggest regret? Trying to save that pizza while driving. I’m dead serious. I swerved three or four times during that 2013 accident and remember getting out of the car to check my legs. There was a short sigh of relief when I realized my legs were fine, but that’s when I noticed my arm was broken (an injury that required surgery). I looked down and remember saying out loud, “I just messed up OUR season.” The Lions were 2-1 at the time and I had just recorded a 100-yard receiving game. We were trending in the right direction and then I missed seven games. We finished 7-9 that year (going 1-5 down the stretch after my return) and missed the playoffs. And that ended up being my last NFL season.

Who knows how that season would’ve played out or how many more years I would’ve been in the league if it weren’t for that deep dish pizza. For the record, though, I still eat it all the time. I just have it delivered now.

Burleson may be on to something here as the Green Bay Packers won the NFC North with an 8-7-1 record. In fact, the Lions actually had the best point differential in the division during the 2013 season.

Nation, had Burleson not tried to save his pizza, would the Lions have won the NFC North in 2013?

What do you think?

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