National Hockey League Playoff format released

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The National Hockey League has released their finalization for their playoff format later in the year should gameplay be allowed to resume.

Each playoff series will be a best-of-seven format for the 24 team format that was released last month. Meanwhile, the top four teams in the West and East will be playing separate round-robin tournaments to determine their playoff seeding.

Additionally, the tournament will not be bracketed, but will be re-seeded after every round.

“We prefer as a general matter brackets for a whole host of reasons,” Commissioner Gary Bettman said last week. “We’ve told the players who have been debating it internally if they have a preference, we’re happy to abide by it.”

The tournament will also take place in two “Hub” cities, though it hasn’t been announced as to which ones yet.

– – Quotes via Stephen Whyno of AP Link – –