New Detroit Lions DL Michael Brockers apologizes to Jared Goff for recent comments

When the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for QB Jared Goff, Michael Brockers, who was also on the Rams at that time, never dreamed they would be on the same team again in 2021.

That is probably why Brockers, before he was also traded to the Lions, commented to the media that Stafford is a “step up” for the Rams compared to Goff.

On Monday, Brockers met with reporters and when he was asked about his comment, he apologized.

From MLive:

“I mean that was definitely something (where) TMZ is inside the airport,” Brockers said on Monday. “It was kind of a fan booster. I didn’t know I was going to be dealing with free agency. I was really just trying to boost up the move the team was doing, and trying to boost up the fanbase. I didn’t think it was anything against Jared, and I even had to go, you know, text Jared away from the camera just as a man, and just like, ‘Man, bro, I did not mean for it go like that. I didn’t mean what I said. As a man, you just know I respect you as a player. You took me to a Super Bowl. So it wasn’t like that.’

“After I seen it in the media and I seen how it was blowing up, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s not what I meant at all.’ Definitely right after I seen it was getting out of hand, I had to text him. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t see it or I didn’t care about his feelings, because I knew he’d see that. We don’t say anything, but we definitely read it, and I just wanted to come to him as a man and just let him know I have so much respect for him and just (wanted him to) understand it wasn’t a shot against him, just trying to pump up the Rams fanbase when I was on the Rams team.”

Goff also responded to Brockers’ comments and they good to go.

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“Brock is one of my good friends, and a good teammate, and I get it. He apologized very quickly,” Goff said. “I love Brock. Sometimes it happens, but that guy is my guy. I love Brock and he reached out to me very quickly after that and (there’s) no ill-will. We’re all good.”


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