New Detroit Tigers OF Cameron Maybin talks about being part of cheating scandal with Astros

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Cameron Maybin started his Major League Baseball career with the Detroit Tigers many moons ago and now he is back after signing with the team this past week.

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But what many forget is that Maybin was part of the 2017 Houston Astros team that won the World Series. That team, of course, cheated their way to a championship as they used technology to help them steal signs during that season.

Maybin did not join the Astros until late that season, Aug. 31 to be exact, but he was quickly made aware of how the team was cheating and admits to being part of it.

From MLive:

“I can’t be mad at anybody if they truly think that (the World Series title) is tarnished,” he said. “People are definitely entitled to their opinion.”

“Things that went on during that 2017 season with the Astros — which I was a part of for a month and some change — definitely don’t reflect how I approach the game and how I play the game,’ he said. “Hindsight is 20-20. We all could have definitely said something about it. It’s tough to come into an organization that late and think you’re going to change something. But there’s no excuse.”

After signing with Detroit, Maybin has now played in five other organizations since his brief stint with the Astros. He said he’s always been loyal to his current teammates and implied that he tipped off the New York Yankees to the Astros’ scheme when he was with that club last year.

“I’m loyal to the guys I take a locker room with,” he said. “I’m going to be as open (with the Tigers) as I’ve been with any other team I’ve been on about anything they might want to know.”

Nation, what penalty do you believe should be given anyone who was involved in the cheating scandal?

–Quotes via Evan Woodbury, MLive– LINK