New MLB pitch clock worked to perfection in Spring Training

The new MLB pitch clock was tested in Spring Training this year, with impressive results. Compared to the previous year, Spring Training games were 26 minutes shorter on average, lasting only 2 hours and 35 minutes. Pitchers were given 15 seconds to throw the ball when the bases were unoccupied and 20 seconds when runners were on base, resulting in a significant reduction in game times.

MLB Rule Changes MLB Pitch Clock

Key Points

  • Pitch clock used in Spring Training
  • Games were 26 minutes shorter than the previous year
  • Pitchers are given 15 seconds to throw when bases are unoccupied, 20 seconds when runners are on base
  • MLB regular-season games averaged 3 hours and 3 minutes last season
  • Experimentation with pitch clock has been conducted in minor leagues
  • Spring Training games were shorter than the WBC despite more runs scored per game
  • Enforcement of the pitch clock saw violations decrease gradually each week

The new MLB pitch clock has worked to perfection

MLB regular-season games averaged 3 hours and 3 minutes last season, and the use of a pitch clock in Spring Training offers hope of more efficient gameplay for the upcoming regular season. These reduced game times are in line with similar experiments carried out in the minor leagues over the past several seasons. Spring Training games were even shorter than the World Baseball Classic games, despite the latter not using a clock. Spring Training also saw more runs scored per game than the WBC.

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What happens when the pitch clock expires?

The enforcement of the pitch clock was a major storyline during Spring Training. Pitchers found in violation of the clock were given an additional ball, while hitters were given a strike if they weren't ready to hit within the time frame provided. Violations decreased gradually each week, with a slight increase towards the end of the Spring Training period.

Bottom Line: The pitch clock could be a game-changer

The implementation of a pitch clock in the upcoming regular season could be a game-changer for MLB. By improving the efficiency of the game, the use of a pitch clock could make baseball more appealing to both casual and avid fans alike. With shorter game times, viewers may be more likely to tune in for the entire game, boosting overall viewership and engagement.

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