The New York Giants Have a Few Problems Heading into Detroit

Is that Eli Manning? The Giants’ offense may be in trouble.


Eli manning?
Written by Travis Newville and Illustrated by Jim Brinkley
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9 thoughts on “The New York Giants Have a Few Problems Heading into Detroit”

  1. I think just about everybody has a problem heading into Detroit.
    Whether it be bad traffic, bad roads, road construction or fear/disrespect of the city itself.
    Any sport team should be happy, as our Detroit teams don’t have the best record. All teams, please come play Detroit teams here, expect to win, get sloppy and arrogant. Please do this. Give our teams a chance to start kicking butt and climb on top!
    Or just come and get an easy win for yourselves, just give people a reason to come here, and give Detroit a reason to respect itself and work our way to be worthy to be respected again.
    My opinion on the matter.

  2. It is the Lions, historically on MNF and other prime time games…look at the record…
    I love the team, but the record is what it is.

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