Newest Detroit Lions QB Chase Daniel has message for Matt Patricia

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The first week of NFL free agency is in the books and the Detroit Lions went out and added a backup quarterback for current starter, Matthew Stafford. That backup quarterback is former Chicago Bears signal-caller, Chase Daniel.

On Monday, Daniel did a conference call with some of the local beat writers and when asked about COVID-19, he said, “Are you working out or are you eating your entire fridge and getting fat like I am?”

After realizing what he had said and how Lions head coach Matt Patricia may take it Daniel took to Twitter to make sure his new coach new he was just kidding around.

“Matty P…just to be clear in case you’re reading this…I’m in the best shape of my life & feel like I’m 20yrs old!!” Daniel tweeted.

Come on Chase, what could go wrong? It’s not like Patricia would rip you a new one or embarrass you in front of the entire team.